About the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and Purchase Request Service at Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD)

What is Request It?

Request It is a one stop shop for requesting items that are not in Pikes Peak Library District’s catalog. Interlibrary Loan and Purchase Requests are now part of Request It

What happens to my request after it is submitted through Request It?

After your request is submitted through WorldCat, the Library will decide whether to purchase the item and place you on hold for it or place an Interlibrary Loan request. Either way you will be notified of how the Library has proceeded to fill your request.

How many items can I request?

You can have 6 active requests at one time. This number includes ILL items that you have checked out and ILL/purchase requests in processing.

Who can request materials through Request It??

PPLD library card holders in good standing who are residents of Pikes Peak Library District (generally PPLD resident cards starting with ‘4’). Non-residents with either Colorado Library Cards (CLC cards are PPLD cards starting with ‘7’) or Visitor Cards must place their requests with their home library where they reside.

Why didn't the Library purchase the item I requested?

We are unable to purchase every title that is requested. Please review our Collection Development Policy for selection guidelines.

Can I decide whether the Library purchases or borrow my request?

PPLD reserves the right to determine the best way to fill your request, while still delivering the item to you in as timely a manner as possible.

Will my requested items appear on my PPLD library account?

PLEASE NOTE: Your Request It account is a separate account from your PPLD library account. Please log on to your Request It account to check on your items. Items borrowed through ILL will only appear in your Request It account; items we purchase will show a hold for that item on your PPLD library account after ordering.

Why am I having trouble logging into my Request It account?

It may be due to one of the following reasons:
  • You may have received a library card through the Colorado Library Card (CLC) program, which gives you the privilege of checking out materials at any of our PPLD library branches. These library cards start with the number '7'. However, you will need to request Interlibrary Loans from your home library where you reside.
  • You may have just received a new or replacement library card today and will need to wait 2 business days before placing an Interlibrary Loan request
  • You may have changed your PIN since you originally set up your ILL account. Please contact the ILL Office during the ILL Office hours of Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, 719-531-6333, ext. 2317. The ILL staff will reset your PIN and then assist you with logging into your account.
  • You may have fines on your library card that are $10 or more. This will prevent you from placing Interlibrary Loan requests. PLEASE NOTE: if you have paid your fines to below $10.00, you will need to wait 2 business days in order to place additional interlibrary loan requests.
  • You may have not used your library card for two years. Checking out a library item today should permit you to register for an ILL account in 2 business days.
  • How do I request an item not found in the Catalog?

    Before you make a request, please check PPLD’s Catalog to make sure that the material you need is not already available in PPLD’s collection. Library staff are available in person at any PPLD Community Library and at 719-389-8968 to assist you.

    If your desired material is not available in the PPLD collection, please search WorldCat to find items to request. WorldCat is an online catalog of the materials in more than 10,000 libraries. Submitting a request through WorldCat ensures that the Request It staff receives your accurate and complete request information.

    How do I place a request via the WorldCat database?

    To place a request via the WorldCat database:
    1. Check PPLD's Catalog to make sure PPLD does not already own the title.
    2. Go to WorldCat.
    3. Then search the WorldCat database for your item.
    4. Next, select the entry for the item and then click on Request Item.
    5. This will open up the Request It Logon page in another window. You will then need to enter your PPLD library card number and PIN.
    6. To set up your Request It account, you will to need to fill out the Personal Information page. If you already have an ILL account (now called Request it account), please skip to Step 8.
    7. After you have click on the Submit Information button at the bottom of the Personal Information page, return to your original WorldCat Window and click on Request Item again to submit your request.
    8. Once you have click on Request Item, it will fill out your request automatically with the item's title, author, etc.
    9. You will need also enter the maximum amount that you are willing pay as well as the format type of the item; book, DVD, etc.
    10. Finally, click on the Submit Request button to place your request.
    11. If you want to submit another request, please return to your original WorldCat Window to select another item.

    How do I place a request if I can't find the item in WorldCat?

    Sign in to your Request It account and fill out an Item, Article, or Microfilm request form.

    What items can be requested/considered for purchase?

  • The item requested must be no older than 2 years from it’s publish/release date.
  • The title must already be published/released.
  • Only PPLD patrons are accepted. CLC card holders are advised to submit requests through their home library.
  • WorldCat says PPLD owns an item, but I can't find it in the Catalog?

    WorldCat might not reflect our current catalog status. Please proceed with your request.

    How long will my request take?

    It will take 3 to 6 weeks to arrive. If the item is not found in Colorado and must be requested from an out-of-state library, it could take up to 8 weeks before it arrives and you are notified. If we cannot obtain a requested item, you will receive a cancellation notice either by email or mail stating why we are unable to get it.

    Purchases: If an item is purchased, availability is dependent on the format of the item requested, as well as the stock status at our vendors. Fulfillment times may vary.

    Does the Library attempt to borrow new items within the current year?

    No. If the item you have requested was published within the current year and not purchased for the collection, no attempt will be made to secure the item through Interlibrary Loan. You can try to request the item through Interlibrary Loan the following year.

    What do the ILL Status messages mean?

    Definitions of ILL Status messages are:

    Awaiting ALA Request Processing:

    This ILL request is awaiting processing to send as an ALA request to the lender. These requests may take longer.

    Awaiting Conditional Processing:

    A potential lending library has responded to the request and is asking ILL to clarify part of the request or to comply with special conditions before they will lend the item.

    Awaiting Copyright Clearance:

    ILL is reviewing the article request for potential lending libraries.

    Awaiting Odyssey Processing:

    This ILL request was received electronically via our Odyssey software and is awaiting processing by the ILL staff. The ILL item will be sent out to the patron once the processing has been completed.

    Awaiting Recall Processing:

    The lending library has recalled this ILL item and it must be returned back to the lending library as soon as possible.

    Awaiting Post Receipt Processing:

    The requested material has arrived but is NOT yet ready for pickup.

    Awaiting Request Processing:

    The request has been submitted to ILL. ILL staff will review the request for any problems. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received through the ILL web-based system.

    Awaiting Return Label Printing:

    The ILL staff is in the process of printing a return label for the ILL item and then it will be returned back to the lending library.

    Awaiting Unfilled Processing:

    The request has been sent to potential lending libraries. However, these libraries have been unable to fill the request. ILL is trying to locate additional libraries that may own the material. This process may take several days.

    Cancelled by Customer:

    The customer has cancelled the request. Cancelled requests can be found and resubmitted at a later time by going to View: Cancelled Requests in your ILL account.

    Cancelled by ILL Staff:

    The request has been cancelled by ILL staff. The cancellation reason will be sent to the customer by e-mail or mail.

    Checked Out For Library Use Only:

    This ILL material is for Library Use Only. It cannot be checked out from the library.

    Checked Out to Customer:

    The item is currently checked out to the customer.

    Collection Management:

    The material is under review by our Collection Management department to determine whether we will purchase the item.

    Contact Information Requested:

    There is a problem with the contact information that the patron provided. Patron has been notified that their ILL account application does not match what is listed on the library card.

    Customer Notified via E-Mail:

    This status means that the item is available for pickup at your desired location. This status reflects the customer's preferred notification method (Email).

    Customer Notified via Mail:

    This status means that the item is available for pickup at your desired location. This status reflects the customer's preferred notification method (Mail).

    Delivered to Web:

    This ILL article has been delivered electronically for the patron's use. It is available for viewing and/or printing from the patron's ILL account.

    In Transit to pickup location:

    The item has been processed and is on its way to the customer's library location.

    In Transit from customer:

    The item has been discharged from the customer's ILL account and is now in transit back to the ILL Office.

    Item Checked In:

    The item has been returned by the customer, checked in by the ILL staff and is awaiting return processing.

    Received Incorrect/Partial Item:

    The item received either does not match requested the item or is incomplete. The ILL staff will determine the quickest way to correct the problem.

    Request Finished:

    The request has been successfully processed and completed.

    Request in Processing:

    The request is being processed by staff to be sent to potential lending libraries or to determine if we will purchase the item for our collection.

    Request Sent:

    The request has been sent to a group of potential lending libraries. ILL is waiting for responses from these libraries indicating if they will fill the request.

    How much does an Interlibrary Loan cost?

    There is usually no charge to you for Interlibrary Loan service. However, while we always try to obtain materials for free, some lending libraries do charge a fee. These fees will be passed on to you as long as they were agreed upon when the request was taken. Usually there is no charge for items from Colorado libraries; however, there may be a charge from libraries outside Colorado. When there is a charge, the average cost per item can range from $10-25 (or higher – borrowing fees determined by lender).

    PLEASE NOTE: ILL items borrowed from Canadian libraries will have an additional $20.00 charge for postage and handling. This will be in addition to any Borrowing fees (if any) from the Canadian libraries. You will be notified about this option and you will need to agree to pay this charge before we request the material from a Canadian library.

    What items either cannot be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan or are difficult to obtain?

    If PPLD owns an item that circulates but is currently checked out, the item will NOT be requested through ILL and the patron will be placed on the holds list for the item.

    Interlibrary Loan service cannot be used for items published within the current year. Entire issues of magazines and journals cannot be requested via Interlibrary Loan. Not all libraries lend audiovisual materials (DVDs, Blu-rays,VHS, CDs, or audiocassettes). PPLD does not borrow the following items: video games, e-materials (e-books/e-audios), book club sets, playaway products, and hot spots.

    Due to budgetary constraints, multiple ILL requests for the same title are prohibited. Patrons must limit their ILL requests for the same titles to twice per calendar year.

    Some libraries, especially genealogical libraries, may be willing to photocopy portions of their materials, rather than lend them, if you can provide a specific description of what you need.

    PLEASE NOTE: ILL items are not request International items. This is due to the high postage and handling costs for countries outside of the United States and Canada. Also, ILL items borrowed from Canadian libraries will have an additional $20.00 charge for postage and handling. This will be in addition to any Borrowing fees (if any) from the Canadian libraries. You will be notified about this option and you will need to agree to pay this charge before we request the material from a Canadian library.

    What might delay an Interlibrary Loan?

    Materials might already be checked out to another borrower at the lending library. Lending libraries might limit the number of items or reels of microfilm they will send at one time. Or, the information you give us about your request might be incomplete or incorrect, requiring additional verification.

    Will there be restrictions ILL materials requested?

    Materials published within the current year cannot be ordered via Interlibrary Loan.

    Some lending libraries do not offer media other than print.

    We are obliged to honor whatever conditions a lending library places on its materials. Some libraries restrict their materials to in-library use only or do not allow renewals. ILL items from the Library of Congress cannot be checked out and must be used at the Library 21c (1175 Chapel Hills Drive).

    The microfilm machines are only available at the Penrose library in Special Collections and the East library. Microfilm or microfiche requested through Interlibrary Loan can only be sent to one of these two locations. Often the lending libraries limit the number of reels that they send (usually 4 reels at a time) and these must be returned before more can be ordered.

    What happens when my requested material arrives

    ILL: You will be notified by email or by regular mail that the item is available. The due date and any special conditions will be on the yellow label attached to the front of the item. Please leave this label on the item when you return it, as it ensures that the item will be properly checked in on your Request It account. If this item is lost due to removal of this label you may be charged replacement fees. This charge could be up to $200 for lost items.

    Purchased items: You will be notified via your preferred mode of communication when your hold is available for pick-up.

    How long is the loan period for requested materials?

    ILL: The lending library sets the amount of time the patron is allowed to use the material. The checkout period is usually 3 weeks for books and 1-2 weeks for audiovisual items.

    Purchased items: The lending period follows our standard Circulation Policies.

    Can I renew Interlibrary Loan materials?

    Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library. Some institutions do not allow renewals on requested materials. If the library has already stated “No Renewals” this will be indicated on the label attached to the item. If you wish to extend the loan period on a renewable item, the renewal must be requested within a 7 day period prior to and including the due date of the item. Only one renewal may be requested for each item. If renewals are allowed, then the item will be renewed for an additional 2 weeks. Libraries have the option of denying a renewal request and if that happens, then the patron will be notified.

    What are my responsibilities once I have received an Interlibrary Loan?

    You are responsible for returning the material on time and in the same condition in which you received it. The due date and any special conditions will be on the yellow label attached to the front of the item. Please leave this label on the item when you return it, as it ensures that the item will be properly checked in on your ILL account. If this item is lost due to the removal of this label you may be charged replacement fees. This charge could be up to $200 for lost items.

    If an Interlibrary Loan item is overdue, no further Interlibrary Loan requests will be processed until the overdue item is returned.

    What happens if I lose or damage an Interlibrary Loan?

    Please contact the Interlibrary Loan office immediately at 719-531-6333 x2317 to report a lost or damaged ILL item. We will contact the owning library for an invoice. You are responsible for any replacement and or processing fees associated with the item. Your ILL account will be blocked until the item is paid in full on your library account. We do not accept replacement copies for any ILLs.

    How do I contact the Interlibrary Loan office for assistance?

    Please contact PPLD's ILL Department at (719) 531-6333 x2317 if you have additional questions about the status of your request or Request It account.